The Blasted Tower

VAT included

To be among the ruins of ‘Daldorr’ is to be in a truly cold, weather beaten and most sinister place. Much of what remains of this ancient city of the Magi Lords is but acres upon acres of crumbling walls and passageways. It is from down within such crumbling warren like pathways, a full days travelling into the ruined city, due east from ‘Brogenbridge’ that questing adventures will look up to glimpse a rather more substantial ruin than those around it. These taller remains are often used as a navigation point or place of rest by parties of explorers, so much so that they are named on most every adventurer’s map of this cursed city as “The Blasted Tower”. During the long years of ruination to ‘Daldorr’ this ‘The Blasted Tower’ has played a pivotal role in dozens of adventurous encounters. No one knows for certain what it was before its ruination, some say it is the remains of a Mage's residence, though others say this place is dead to magic, there is also a common rumour that this is all that is left of a wealthy merchant's hall, possibly his finest treasures are still hidden within its walls.

The stand alone parts of this kit are designed to fit together in a great variety of ways, enabling the construction of many differing arrangements, from a tall square walled ruined tower to a continuous stretch of damaged walls and raised walkways. As with all ‘Daldorr’ kits the wall sections from multiple sets can be mixed and matched together to give almost limitless options. This kit comes with both 2mm and 3mm damaged paving slabs (that can be aligned with each other) to better represent the remains of an uneven, aged, flagstone floor.

The manufacturer of the product has decided to stop manufacturing it, so once the last units are gone, it won't be available again. If you want the product, take the chance while supplies last.